Bozcaada Beaches

Bozcaada Beaches:

In every part of Bozcaada there are numerous beaches. This is an advantage that the island really enjoys. Wherever the wind blows from people go to the beaches that are sheltered from the breezes and where the sea is calmer.

Ayazma Beach: Its biggest, popular and  natural beach, for this reason is the most crowded of all beaches on the island. Around this beach there are seafood restaurants .Some of these provides umbrella and beach chair services on the beach.

Sulubahçe Beach:  Sulubahçe is by the side of Ayazma .The beach can be pass by.

Habbeli Beach: The Habbele Beach is the quietest and the most beautiful. On Habbele Beach you can find food and beverage services and beach amenity supplies available.

Mermer Burnu (Aquarium Cove): The water is crystal clear and, with every tone of blue just like an aquarium, the aptly named Aquarium Cove attracts a lot of interest among visitors to the island. There is a food and beverage outlet at this cove.